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Self-insurance trend in small group market seen as threat to actuarial integrity of SHOPs

Self-insuring health benefits has traditionally been the province of large employers that could afford to assume the risk of paying much of their employees’ health care costs.  Smaller employers with too few workers to feasibly spread that risk have traditionally relied on insurance as a risk transfer mechanism.

In a sign of how distressed the small group health insurance market has become, that notion is being turned on its head.  Now small employers are shunning insurance and self-insuring their health benefit risk — to a certain point.  After an employee’s medical costs hit a set amount, stop loss insurance kicks in.  That “attachment point” as it’s referred to in insurance terminology can be as low as $10,000 to $20,000, according to this Los Angeles Times article.

As the Times reports, the practice is stoking controversy and raising concern it could steer small employers away from Small Business Health Options Programs (SHOPs) being set up under the state health benefit exchange component of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Beginning in 2014, SHOPs will allow small employers to offer employees a variety health plans like so-called “cafeteria plans” offered by large employers.  The concern is without sufficient participation by employers, the SHOP plans could face increased risk for adverse selection by limiting the size of the SHOP’s risk pool.

While not directly saying so in the Times story, California’s insurance regulator is sufficiently alarmed by the potential threat to the actuarial integrity of that state’s yet to be formed SHOP that he wants legislation that would require higher attachment points for self-insured small employer health stop loss coverage.  That would also make self-insurance a less attractive option for small employers than getting coverage through the Golden State’s SHOP, reducing the SHOP’s spread of risk.  The California Health Benefit Exchange issued a solicitation last month seeking bids to help it design its SHOP.

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